A Long Time Between Drinks


Engine trouble, rough weather and pure bad luck have kept us waiting for a big fish. We've had our share of smaller ones but until today the big girls have eluded us.

Today was the day and the wait was worth it.

We had just started off #5 Ribbon Reef at around 1:00pm today when the big girl - around 950lb - (and her smaller companion) turned up. She grabbed the big bait and took off, only to drop it after a short run. Smart work by Andy on the handline saw her back again, and this time she didn’t mess around. With the circle hook planted firmly in the corner of her jaw, she set off for the horizon with Capt Jared in hot pursuit. After a great fight we had her to the boat within 20 minutes, tagged, released and off to fight another day.

Hopefully, more to come and soon...

Action at Linden Bank


After a slow start to our charter, we finally hit paydirt! On a beautiful day at Linden Bank, angler Dave Tuthill hooked up to his first ever black marlin - a 950lb giant. Dave worked hard to keep her away from the sharks and she was released in great shape after a 35 minute fight. Ant did a fine job on the wire.

We were also fortunate to be nearby when one of the smaller - to say the least - boats on the bank was taken for a ride by a 650lb black. The marlin won...

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